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Tunnel oven

Meincke Turbu 4.0

The Meincke Turbu 4.0 indirect-fired convection oven is your oven for the industrial production of biscuits, cookies, cakes, pizzas, pies and more, with its precise heat and moisture controls.

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Key benefits

Optimized heat transfer for uniform baking results

The Meincke Turbu 4.0's double damper system optimizes the use of the burner heat, allowing you to save energy with the oven’s fast response time.

Modular design and adaptability

Our trademark is the 2 m long prefabricated module that makes it possible to combine different oven types. We also offer line extensions as part of our service and after sales portfolio.

Make the best of your recipes and ingredients

Thanks to 60 years of experience, our ovens achieve uniform baking results and high repeatability of set-ups.

Highlight features

Heating principle

Designed for high product quality

A fan blows air into the burner chamber which is heated directly by the burner. The accruing heat is transferred to the heat exchanger room. There, air is heated up in a separate system and distributed to the baking chamber. This ensures that no combustion gases come into contact with the end product. A constant, correct baking temperature is achieved, which secures uniform baking results.

Ventilation system

Evenly distributing heat for an optimized baking process

An adjustable damper system with fans sends hot air into the top and bottom ducts. Distributing the heat this way ensures an ideal temperature level in the oven. The air in the oven is exhausted continuously, mixed with fresh air and returned to the heat exchanger. Any baking fumes are removed via flue.

Using different types of heat

A symbiosis of conductive and thermal radiation

The convection system transfers most of the heat to the products. However, a significant amount of heat is generated by the hot baking band and the plenums. By adjusting the burner temperature, the air distribution between bottom and top plenum and the humidity profile, you can change the heat transfer in the oven significantly.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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