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Air cooling unit

Meincke AirCool

The Meincke AirCool air cooling unit cools baked products by using the ambient air that is evenly distributed by multi jet air fans.

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Key benefits

Modular build

Every air cooling unit is built with a specific number of cooling elements so that it can be adapted to individual cooling needs. The number of modules can be increased to boost capacities or for different product requirements.

Silent fans

The multi jet air fans and blowers operate very quietly, which creates a comfortable working atmosphere for operators.

Efficient use of air

The air cooling unit takes in ambient air and circulates it around the baking band. This method saves energy because it does not require any additional cooling units.

Highlight features

Gentle operation

Cooling products using ambient air

Air cooling is most efficient when goods are cooled on steel bands. The Meincke AirCool uses multi jet air fans to evenly distribute air over the baked goods and under the baking band so that the goods cool down gently.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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