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Ion beam figuring machine


Ion beam figuring (IBF) provides a quality corrective polishing process under vacuum, using accelerated argon atoms to ablate minuscule errors and achieve extremely high precision to a few nanometers, with a local resolution in the sub-millimeter range.

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Key benefits

Capable of polishing almost any shape

The 6-axis direct drive system ensures that the ion source is always at a right angle (orthogonal) to your workpiece surface, and the IBF process allows machining up to the surface edge and beyond.

Surface qualities of λ/200 and greater

IBF makes it possible to correct even the tiniest errors on any optical surface with a high level of precision that makes it an excellent final processing step.

Fully automated with high reproducibility

Our fully automated process with an iterative workflow can work with different ion beam apertures without workpiece measurement between processes, delivering predictable processing and lead times.

Highlight features

Advanced software

Easy to set up and use

A user-friendly software provides analysis and visualization of measured data from different sources to prepare a simulation for the machining process. The fully automated machine doesn't require any human monitoring and you can customize the graphical user interface to reflect your application.


In-situ etch rate measurement

The IBF measuring system uses low-coherence technology to determine the etch-rate profile of your ion source with highest precision. It includes an interchangeable sample holder for a wide variety of materials. Multiple measurements can be made with a single measuring head.

Aperture changer

Up to five diaphragms

You can change the aperture for the ion beam source during operation (inside the vacuum chamber), with up to five diaphragms, measuring range from 0.5 mm to 20 mm in diameter.

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