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Sputter coater for highly precise layers

HELIOS series

The HELIOS sputter coater from Bühler is designed to meet the highest demands for thin-film coatings. Use it for laser line, steep-edge and notch filters, laser and chirped mirrors, polarizers, beam splitters, bio and ADAS sensors or consumer electronics.

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Key benefits

Setting new performance standards

Due to optimal film oxidation, high layer densities and low layer losses, HELIOS achieves maximum laser damage threshold values, low scattering and high reflectivity. This sets new benchmarks for filters with over 200 layers or layers up to 20 µm thick.

Setting the benchmark for on-substrate in-situ optical monitoring

Excellent process stability results in extremely high production stability and unrivalled repeatability. HELIOS tools are well known for their thickness precision down to ultra-thin layers.

Innovative PARMS technology

Plasma-assisted reactive magnetron-sputtering (PARMS) process technology ensures precise control of very thin layers at atomic scale, bringing you top grade products and high yield.

Highlight features

PARMS technology​

​​Highly precise films​​

State of the art PARMS (Plasma-Assisted Reactive Magnetron-Sputtering) technology allows the deposition of dielectric coatings from metal targets with high- and low-refractive indices by combining mid-frequency (MF) and radio-frequency (RF) sputter technologies via two magnetrons. This allows you to enjoy high productivity for top grade products, with the ultimate precision at atomic scale.

On-substrate optical monitoring

Achieving highest reproducibility; safeguard your production

Our renowned in-situ optical monitoring system LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100 ensures the precise termination of the deposition process of each layer. For larger layer stacks and when using the automated loading system, test glasses can be exchanged without the vacuum being broken. This means HELIOS tools allow for long hours of unattended operation without compromising the quality of your product.

From design to production

Rapid prototyping

You can quickly transfer optical designs into and between production tools. The coaters perfectly match production in a wide range of filter designs. This helps to rapidly prototype new products and cut time-to-market.

With high material and target flexibility, filters based on high and low index sputtering materials can be produced and improve the flexibility of the tools. By simultaneously using two separate sputter stations, the HELIOS can successfully tune the index to a desired intermediate value.

From different substrate sizes and types to different types of handling systems and an extensive list of sputter target materials, the possibilities are endless with the HELIOS. Customize your HELIOS vacuum coater to match what you need for your product, process, and production.

Applications in semiconductor

Imaging and sensing

Color and near infrared wide bandpass and cut filters for applications such as ambient light sensors or CMOS image sensors. Narrow bandpass filters matching the wavelength of the dot projector enables applications in facial recognition.

Wafer level optics

From antireflective and high reflectivity coatings to complex filter designs built directly on wafers.

Augmented Reality

As smaller sensors are implemented in wearables, high precision coatings and waveguides are being built right onto smaller elements.


NIR bandpass filters and AR coatings for sensors to block ambient and external light from disturbing the sensing system.

Hyperspectral imaging

Multicolored bandpass filters to add chemical or surface structure information to digital images.

Applications in precision optics

Spectral selection

Edge filters such as short or long pass filters help selecting the spectral range of photospectrometers for outstandingly precise measurements and calibration purposes. Band pass filters increase the selectivity of sensor applications and narrow down the wavelength range of a broad band light source.


UV-IR cut filters protect sensitive lens optics inside a camera lens and enhance the contrast in the visual wavelength range by canceling the high energy UV light as well as IR light pollution. Sunlight and moonlight filters enhance the contrast for observations made with astronomical telescopes.

Optical measurement technology

Dielectric mirrors, polarizers and beam splitters are used in interferometers or optical benches to manipulate the path of a light beam for precise measurement of optical properties of a specimen. Mirror optics and semi-transparent mirrors keep geometrical measurement devices small enough to be handled easily.

Bioimaging and medical applications

Multi-notch filters enhance the quality of microscopic images created by fluorescence microscopy, allow for quantification of cell components while protecting the human eye from harmful UV light. Multi-band-passes and line filters help in rapid quantification of expression markers in medical analysis technology, including very the famous RT-PCR method.


Extremely narrow band pass enable telecommunication signals to be multiplexed and demultiplexed for complex information transmission in large networks via fiber optics.

Handling systems

Single wafer loader

  • Simple and cost-effective solution for small volume production
  • Semi automatic loading of individual substrate carriers
  • Small footprint

Single cassette loader

  • Solution for medium volume production
  • Automatic loading of one complete batch of substrate carriers

Multi cassette loader

  • Solution for large volume production
  • Three load locks for continuous operation
  • Storage of multiple test-glasses for challenging filters
  • Optimized for remote operation
  • Similar concept for HELIOS 800 and HELIOS 1200

Wafer direct loader

  • Large volume solution with reduced operator-wafer interaction
  • Direct loading of standard wafer cassettes
  • No manual pre-attachment of wafers into rings
  • Particle count reduction

SMIF-pod direct loader

  • Fully automated solution for large volume production
  • Wafer loading from SMIF pods
  • Ready for wafer loading from AGV or OHT robots (E84 integration)

HELIOS 1200 FOUP direct loader

  • Fully automated solution for large volume production
  • Wafer loading from FOUPs
  • Integration with equipment front end module
  • Equipped with wafer flipper and wafer aligner

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