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Vacuum coater for flexible roll-to-roll coatings


Our Leybold Optics FLC series offers high-quality roll-to-roll sputtering deposition for thin-film applications. Up to six high-rate rotatable cathodes plus a flexible machine configuration suits R&D works and full production environment.

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Key benefits

Multiple layer stacks in a single pass

The optional gas separation between neighboring processing sections allows deposition of different conceivable layer stacks of metals and dielectrics. This allows to run simple layer stacks at high throughput or sophisticated stacks in a single pass.

One machine, hundreds of applications

Up to six rotatable cathodes, options for power supply types, in-situ measurement systems, plasma pre-treatment, closed-loop process control and winding system configuration allow flexibility and the perfect fit to your substrate type and application.

Easy to switch between layer stacks and applications

With the right choice of power supplies you can switch between layer stacks for different applications by simply changing the target materials and process recipes without major modifications of the high-vacuum coating system itself, perfect for R&D work.

Highlight features


Up to six rotatable cathodes

Up to six rotatable cathodes with DC, DC unipolar pulsed, DC bipolar pulsed or MF power supplies give you real versatility for your reactive or non-reactive processes.

High product quality

Intelligent systems to improve your product quality

Lowest particle generation (sputter-up orientation of cathodes), optional plasma pre-treatment, a temperature-controlled coating drum (standard: -15 to +80 °C), turbomolecular pumps plus cold traps and a variety of in-situ layer measurement systems all work together to consistently deliver high-quality coatings.

Easy maintenance

Robust design

The Leybold Optics FLC has been smartly and robustly engineered to meet the needs of your 24/7 production. Easy access to key components ensures fast maintenance cycles and easy cleaning for a constant and brilliant end-product quality.

With minor adaptions the Leybold Optics FLC can be used for a broad range of substrate types, including PET, PEN, PI, Al, SST, copper, and flexible glass. You can work with substrate roll diameters of up to 500 mm with a coating width up to 650 mm. Typical deposition materials include metals (Ag, Al, Cu, Cr, NiCr, Ti) and dielectrics (AZO, ITO, SiO2, SiN, SnO2, Nb2O5, TiO2).

Our powerful plasma pre-treatment based on cathode technology brings you cleaning, ablation, cross-linking and surface modification, optimizing the process conditions to create perfect layer adhesion and quality.

The Leybold Optics FLC is a key enabler of smart technologies. Applications include ITO coatings for smartphones, tablets and PC screens, car glazing with integrated low-emissivity foil, electrochromic foils for architectural applications and coatings that significantly improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

Our Leybold Optics FLC series is available in different sizes for coating widths of 650 mm, 1600 mm and 2000 mm.

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