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Vacuum evaporation metalizer


DynaJet is the advanced batch metalizer for all of your high-quality PVD and PECVD coatings, offering you remarkable results for various metals and alloys with low energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

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Key benefits

Higher throughput and lower production costs

You can use the automatic substrate loading and unloading function with single-point human or robot loading, allowing your production line to work automatically with a higher throughput and lower production costs.

High flexibility in coating layers

You can choose whether using the sputtering or the evaporation system for more flexibility in your coating layers.

Reduced energy consumption

The turbomolecular pump (TMP) system needs only a fraction of the electrical energy and cooling water compared to conventional systems.

Cost-effective vacuum systems


Tailored for your precise needs

The DynaJet batch metalizer can be customized to your precise needs, ensuring that you benefit from a high-quality 3D coating platform specifically designed to meet your product, process, and production parameters.

High performance

PVD and PECVD technology for our metalizer

The worldwide proven metalization quality and an optimized cold trap guarantee you the best PVD homogeneity. New developments in the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process also offer you high-speed top coating.

Small footprint

Smaller footprint for optimized production space

With a required floor space of less than 10 m², the DynaJet is easy to transport and easy to be integrated into your existing factory, saving production space.

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