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Vacuum coater for flexible roll-to-roll coatings


Our Leybold Optics CAP series offers high quality roll-to-roll metalizing of films used in roller-type capacitors, with standard coating widths in a range of 500 to 900 mm.

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Key benefits

Meets all of your coatings needs

From standard to high-end applications, thick to thin film, plain to segmented designs, thick to thin layers, pure layers or layer stacks, you can manage every conceivable combination within this one system.

Superior thermal management

The Leybold Optics SuperBias technology supports the thermal management of sensitive, thin polymer substrates while processing, increasing productivity thanks to efficient substrate cooling.

100% in-situ quality control

Our unique DISS technology monitors and controls layer profiles and the width of free margins in real time, reducing scrap and offering you a consistently high product quality.

Highlight features

Product consistency

Automated free margin evaporator delivers consistent results

Our innovative oil evaporator generates unmetalized margins in the machine direction for increased consistency in your film capacitor manufacturing. The supplied quantity of oil is automatically managed depending on the total area of free margins, the winding speed and the layer thickness, and is controlled in a closed loop for lower costs and better environmental performance.

​​In-situ layer regulation​

Cross control and length control

The wire feeding rate for the boat evaporation and winding speed is adjusted to ensure consistent layer thickness and uniformity for the batch. Layer uniformity is regulated in film width and length.

Aluminum evaporator

Improved layer uniformity and quality

The advanced aluminum evaporator is used for depositing aluminum layers in a range of 1 Ω/cm² up to 150 Ω/cm², using the innovative arrangement and flexible height adjustment of the individual sources to optimize layer uniformity. As well as pure aluminum applications, the evaporation source can also be used simultaneously with other sources for applications with layer stacks.

All of your coatings and profiles can be combined with segmented structures by using our optional pattern printing system. Installed in a drawer for easy access, it consists of an oil evaporator, anilox and flexo roller, including sleeve. The structure of the sleeves can be manufactured down to 1/10 mm to deliver high-end printing tailored to your precise product needs.

Products manufactured with the CAP machine are used for applications in e-mobility, smart grids, renewable energy, buildings, energy transmission and many other fields. Applications include aluminum and aluminum/zinc coatings, aluminum/zinc heavy-edge coatings, silver/zinc coatings and plain, ramp or slope layer profiles.

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