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Vacuum evaporation metalizer


The Atalanta batch coater provides anti-fingerprint (AF) and easy-to-clean (ETC) coatings for complex plastic, metal, glass and ceramic substrates in a continuous process. It offers 10 times the productivity of comparable systems at lower running costs.

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Key benefits

Consistent coating properties

The high-rate thermal evaporator unit ensures your deposited anti-fingerprint coating is of outstanding and consistent quality.

Perfect layer adhesion and strength

The high-performance PECVD station, with its four MF-powered electrodes, consistently delivers the exact SiOx base-coat characteristics for perfect anti-fingerprint layer adhesion and strength.

Higher productivity at shorter cycle times

A powerful vacuum pumping system, a high-rate PECVD process and an efficient evaporator system assure short cycle times of just 10 minutes.

Highlight features

Designed for mass production

Robust design for high reliability

Deployed in the challenging 3D production environment, the Atalanta has a proven track record in the most demanding 24/7 production environments. All the key components, such as the evaporators and the PECVD stations are designed to offer you a high machine uptime. Serviceable components are easy to access and simple to maintain.

Compact system

Minimum floor space required

With its small footprint of approx. 30 m² in total, the Atalanta is easy to install in existing facilities or your new-built plants. Mounted in an easy-to-handle steel frame, it is simple to install and can be easily relocated, if necessary.

Innovative technology

Efficient production through innovative technology

The patented evaporator and electrode design ensures that metalization and polymerization will be more efficient and deliver a higher quality.

Key topics

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