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Hammer Mill Grinding

With over 160 years of industry experience and continued cutting edge research and development, Bühler is proud to present the next generation grinding portfolio, with all new and updated equipment to provide the highest performance and value for your business.

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Meet the next generation grinding portfolio!

5 equipment families, with best in class performance.

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Full grinding lines

Complete grinding solutions for your needs

Bühler offers the full package for grinding lines for any situation. From sieving, conveying, storage, hoppers, gates, feeders, automation, fans, filters and safety equipment, we have you covered. We have industry-leading experience in design, installation and commissioning of grinding lines.

​Safety first​

User-friendly grinding lines

All grinding lines and hammer mills can handle the most stringent explosion protection requirements as well as ensure operator safety. We want you to have peace of mind that your people and plant are protected with safe and secure grinding lines.

​Continuous innovation

We never stop innovating with our grinding solutions

Our goal is to enable you to drive your business forward more effectively. Therefore we continue to invest in grinding innovation. Whether it is mechanical improvements, process innovation or digital solutions, we are bringing more efficient, effective and smart grinding solutions to market.

We can help you to integrate our horizontal hammer mill into a complete processing solution, covering everything from storage and weighing, to mixing and grinding, extruding, drying, coating and packaging. We can also provide you with consulting services, engineering and technical support, anywhere in the world.

The Bühler process

Efficience in every step of production

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