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Hollow-wafer film spreading machine

Franz Haas WSTBF

The Franz Haas WSTBF hollow wafer film-spreading machine spreads fat creams onto hollow wafer sheets.

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Key benefits

Precise spreading

The Franz Haas WSTBF spreads a cream film of 3-7 mm onto up to 60 hollow wafer sheets per minute.

Sustainable use of materials

The hollow wafer film-spreading machine distributes the cream onto the hollow wafers precisely and uniformly. This means that the raw materials are used efficiently.

Monitor your products

View the process through the sturdy Makrolon windows.

Highlight features

How it works

Spreading fat creams onto hollow wafers

The wafer sheets are positioned edge to edge in the buffer zone. They pass underneath the film-spreading head where a constant cream film is laid onto the sheets. A spreading device then pushes the cream into the hollow wafer cavities, preparing the sheets for folding.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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