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Turbo cream mixer

Franz Haas TCM

The Franz Haas TCM turbo cream mixer mixes all kinds of fat creams with a fat content over 30% and is especially suitable for wafer fillings. A homogenous cream can be achieved within minutes.

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Key benefits

Easy cleaning

By heating the mixing tank, any cream residue can be dissolved and more easily removed.

Produce a variety of fat creams

The jacketed mixing tank mixes and tempers the ingredients to achieve the right consistency of your cream. The water jacket can even cool the cream to solidify liquid fats.

Increase your production volume

Combine two mixers in a tandem system for large-scale cream production.

Highlight features

Easy operation

Simple cream mixing

Ingredients are put in the mixing chamber in batches, and within minutes of mixing the cream becomes homogenous. At the end of the process the chamber automatically empties with compressed air.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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