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Archway-type cooler for wafer sheets

Franz Haas TBK

The Franz Haas TBK archway-type wafer sheet cooler cools wafer sheets after baking and transfers them in a wafer production line.

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Key benefits

Free movement for your staff

The archway-type design allows your operators to pass below the cooler to the other side of your wafer line.

Robust design

All the TBK frames are made of stainless steel, making the machine more robust.

Energy-efficient cooling

The wafer sheets cool down at ambient temperature while they pass over the archway cooler.

Highlight features

Archway-type cooling

Form follows function

The wafer sheets are automatically transferred into the transport compartments of the TBK. They then pass over the archway, where they cool down. This design allows operators to walk underneath the production line.

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