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Wafer baking oven

Franz Haas SWAKT

Franz Haas SWAKT ovens are premium baking ovens for the large-scale industrial production of flat and hollow wafers, designed to achieve highest wafer sheet quality standards.

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Key benefits

High output and flexibility

The throughput of Franz Haas SWAKT lines ranges from 200 to 1200 kg per hour. The ovens are available with 32 to 128 self-supporting baking plate pairs. Thanks to the modular oven frame, they can be expanded at a later stage.

Efficient heating system designed for high-quality wafers

The adjustable burners optimize heat distribution in the baking chamber. This helps achieve a uniform wafer sheet color and even moisture distribution.

Built for minimum downtime

The oven is built to withstand heat and compensate thermal expansion during operation. This reduces downtimes caused by servicing. Easy access for maintenance is possible in the oven rear and on the sides.

Highlight features

Operating principle

Designed for high output at high quality standards

At the oven forehead, the baking plate pairs open and wafer batter is applied onto the lower plates. Subsequently, the baking plates close and are pulled into the baking zone. The water in the batter vaporizes and the wafer sheets are baked. After one turn, the plate pairs open and the baked wafer sheets are handed over to the next processing machine.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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