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Cooling table for rolled and molded cones

Franz Haas KTB

The Franz Haas KTB cone cooling table cools ice cream cones at ambient temperature.

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Key benefits

Optional sleeving

The Franz Haas KTB can be combined with the automatic sleeving machine Franz Haas KFM-H to automatically sleeve the cooled ice cream cones.

More lanes for more traffic

The cooling conveyor is available with four to fourteen transportation lanes, depending on the throughput of the oven.

Easy monitoring

Easily monitor the cooling conveyor thanks to the guiding rails. Missing cones are visible immediately thanks to the precise lane alignment.

Highlight features

How it works

Cooling cones at ambient temperature

After leaving the oven, the ice cream cones slide onto the cooling conveyor. Horizontal guiding rails gently align them and move them forward, keeping exact distances between the cones. This puts them in the right position to be sleeved or stacked.

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