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High-speed block building device

Franz Haas HL-ZLV

The Franz Haas HL-ZLV high-speed block building device folds two hollow wafer sheets spread with cream into one block.

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Key benefits

Hygienic production

The stainless steel execution of the machine ensures highest hygienic standards. The Franz Haas HL-ZLV is easily accessible to simplify cleaning. The transparent polycarbonate doors allow full visibility of the production process.

High-speed block building

The Franz Haas HL-ZLV processes up to 40 wafer sheets per minute.

Precise pressing

The pressing device pushes gently on all four sides and on top of the wafer block. This fixes the position of the sheets without damaging them.

Highlight features

How it works

Building hollow wafer blocks

The high-speed block building device is placed after the spreading machine. The Franz Haas HL-ZLV consists of an upper and a lower belt. A robotic arm with a vacuum plate picks up the top sheet to place it on top of the lower sheet. The hollow wafer sheets are then pressed together.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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