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Baking oven for rolled cones

Franz Haas Caiman-D

Franz Haas Caiman ovens produce rolled wafer cones with a sugar content of about 40 – 55% of the flour content (“sugar cones”). With our Franz Haas Caiman-D 324, throughputs of up to 19600 cones/h are possible.

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Key benefits

High-quality baking plates for high-grade products

The special baking plates are designed to produce sturdy cones. The precise rolling device ensures a clean rim.

Built for low maintenance

The oven is built to withstand heat and compensate thermal expansion of the frame during operation. This reduces downtimes caused by servicing.

High speed and quality

The Franz Haas Caiman-D 324 produces up to 19600 cones an hour. This makes it one of the rolled sugar cone baking ovens with the highest throughput on the market.

Highlight features

Speed and precision are essential

Reliably designed sugar cone baking ovens

Although the Franz Haas Caiman-D 324 is one of the largest rolled sugar cone ovens worldwide, the investment in the line is quickly recouped because more cones can be produced.

Electronic control

Production flexibility through recipe storage

Electronically store recipes and save all relevant parameters such as settings for the motor, the batter depositors, and the take-off and rolling devices. This enables flexible product changeovers.

Heating principle

Heating designed for better baking results

The Franz Haas Caiman-D 324 is outfitted with a two-circuit heating system. Achieve even baking results and a high product quality while using less energy.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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