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Flaking mill

The flaking mill MDFA flakes grains such as oats, rye, wheat, spelt and barley. It has a throughput of between 1 and 4 tons per hour producing a uniform quality of flakes.

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Key benefits

High level of sanitation and food safety

The roller mill is designed to prevent sedimentation zones, where product can accumulate. It also has a direct drive, which does not use oil.

Uniform flake quality

Temperature-controlled rollers with a diameter of 600 mm help produce a uniform product quality.

Minimal maintenance required

A central lubricating point helps reduce maintenance time.

Highlight features

Food safety

High level of hygienization

The flaking mill reduces the risk of contaminating the product with hydraulic oil. It has a direct drive and no belts. Its automatic roller gap adjustment also uses a spindle instead of hydraulics. Its aspiration air supply prevents condensation. All parts in contact with the product are made from corrosion-resistant materials, which are approved for food safety.


Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning

The flaking mill has a central lubricating point, which reduces maintenance time. You can change the rollers from the front or rear. You can remove the machine covers to quickly access the inside of the machine. This also helps simplify and speed up cleaning.

User interface

EasyFlake - the mill’s intuitive machine control system

The EasyFlake machine control system has a touch screen and 3D visualization. It is intuitive to use, saving training time. You can consistently monitor the mill’s operation, with a clear overview of the motor current, adjustment of the roller gap, product temperature at the inlet and the roller temperature.

The flaking mill has a flap, where you can safely take samples. The sample collector takes samples along the entire length of the roller.

We have designed the flaking mill for easy integration in your existing plant control system so you can control and improve your flaking process. You can also use the mill without integrating it into your plant control system.

The MDFA is part of our integrated flaking line, designed to produce a highly efficient flaking process. This includes: steamer MBDA, flaking mill MDFA, roller temperature control unit and the downstream dryer OTW. The more successfully you can integrate components in your flaking line, the more efficient your process.

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