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Twin-screw extruder

Our multifunctional PolyTwin, EcoTwin and CompacTwin twin-screw extruders offer flexible, reliable 24/7 processing for your breakfast cereals, food ingredients, pet food and aqua feed products.

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Key benefits

Low-cost lifetime operation

The interior of the barrel is extremely resistant to wear, extending its operating lifetime. Our barrel wear measurement service can detect wear and tear in good time, ensuring you only replace parts when needed.

Wide range of applications

The high torque, variable screw speeds and pressure variables on our twin-screw extruders offer you excellent flexibility to meet different process requirements. Modular design allows you to customize each machine for your application.

State-of-the-art technology for reliable process control

An intelligent recipe memory helps you to deliver consistent end-product quality every time. It also helps you to minimize process and operator errors and makes it faster to switch between different recipes.

Multifunctional twin-screw extruders

Saving time

Robust, fully automatic screw ejection unit

Our patented ejection unit ensures that the hydraulic unit can eject even strongly entrenched screws. This eliminates the need to disassemble the machine and the conveyor pipes, saving you time and getting production back up and running fast.

Quality improvement during operation

Highly flexible cutter

The cutter can be adjusted during operation, helping you to consistently achieve a high quality of your end product. It can also be moved to one side for easier control, access and cleaning.

High product quality

Two-stage preconditioner for a consistently high product quality

The two-stage preconditioner separates the mixing zone from the retention zone. This ensures optimal, intensive mixing at high screw speeds, as well as gentle retention across a narrow time range at a low screw speed.

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