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ChoCoat Pro

Our ChoCoat Pro enrober can be used for a wide range of end products such as bars, cookies, and wafers. The machine ensures a constant and homogenous enrobing quality and is easy to clean and maintain.

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Key benefits

Enrobing quality

Even and homogenous coating is supported by a newly designed mechanical vibrating station with reduced noise emission and precise air temperature control in the coating area.

Easy to clean and accessible

All stations and parts which come into contact with the product can be easily removed and placed on a dedicated cart. This means the wire-mesh belt can be taken out without cutting it.

Energy efficiency

The machine works without compressed air.

Easy to clean

Simple disassembly

The top and bottom coating station, driver roller, and other required parts can be removed via the side of the enrober, allowing easy access to the machine body without cutting the wire mesh belt.

Precise coating

Vibrating station

The new vibrating station is characterized by its very intensive and efficient vibrations, resulting in both a highly accurate output in terms of weight and significantly reduced noise emissions.

Warm air and room heating

Precise temperature control

Precise temperature control in the enrobing area due to the warm air curtains ensures constantly consistent product quality and tempering index of the chocolate.

Key topics

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