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Eco Dry

The Eco Dry is a continuous-flow column dryer for desiccating wet products such as rice, oilseed, corn, wheat, and other grains in order to reliably prepare them for storage or further processing.

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Key benefits

Gentle drying for maximum product quality and sustainable yields

We offer exceptionally gentle drying solutions, such as the Eco Dry. With our patented vertical duct design and product flow separation, a uniform yield with high product quality can be achieved.

Low energy consumption

Due to its heat recovery system and the optimal choice of tailored heating media, the Eco Dry is flexible and energy-efficient. With our product flow separation, product flow and energy consumption are optimized while eliminating moisture from the grain.

Reliably process, store, or further treat your commodity

Our patented drying solution yields a homogenous final moisture profile for all types of grain and oilseed, thereby reliably preparing them for storage or further processing. With our optional dedusting solution, statutory dust emission levels can be met.

Highlight features

Patented design

Reduced thermal load on the product

The Eco Dry stands for homogenous drying results. Its gentle drying principles allow for higher temperatures, thus enabling faster drying at a given discharge quality. The ducts are arranged diagonally, thereby continuously changing air flow direction. This minimizes the thermal load on the product.

Product flow separation

Uniform drying results

Separating the product flow yields a homogenous drying result. The moister grains in the middle of the product flow are displaced towards the edge (and vice versa) without the need for mechanical mixers. This achieves gentle drying with reduced thermal stress on the product, making the Eco Dry highly efficient.

Removing dust

Highly efficient dust separator

The Eco Clean is the highly efficient centrifugal dedusting system for Eco Dry dryers. With its intelligent design, it allows the removal even of moisture-laden dust. Dust volumes below 20 mg/m³ in the exhaust air comply with even the strictest environmental regulations. For the drying of corn, we offer an optional and highly efficient bees wing separator.

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