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Roller mill


The Dolomit MDDP/MDDQ allows a consistent and high-quality grinding of wheat, buckwheat, durum, corn, rye, barley, spelt, millet and other grain.

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Key benefits

Robust and reliable milling

The Dolomit roller mill has a sturdy frame and roller pack. The belt transmission is also low wear. The central lubrication system allows you to lubricate all the bearings at the same time and cut down maintenance time.

Operator-friendly operation

There is an ergonomic clamping device to adjust the grinding rollers. The machine controls are robust and clear. The swing-out feed module allows easy access for cleaning.

Consistent grinding

The wide inlet and variable roller speed spreads the product evenly over the entire length of the grinding rollers. This helps to give a consistent grinding action and a high throughput.

Highlight features

Food safety

Hygienic design

We have carefully designed the shape and airflow of the roller mill to limit dust. The feed module swings out 180° for easy cleaning. Partitioned paneling also makes it easier to access different parts of the machine, so you can clean and empty out residues.

Optional roller removing device

Safe change of the rollers

You have the option to add a roller removing device, which helps to safely change rollers. Just attach the rollers to the metal supports and slide them out of the roller mill.

Sturdy roller pack and frame

A strong machine for accurate and high throughput grinding

The roller pack has self-contained forces, which helps to keep the roller mill steady. The frame is also very robust. This lets you adjust the grinding gap very accurately and maintain stable grinding.

We do not just sell roller mills. We also help to design and set up mills, train your teams, repair and retrofit whatever you need, worldwide. We started 150 years ago and thoroughly understand the milling process. If you need support we are here to help, whatever stage you are at in your business.

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