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Short-goods pasta dryer


The Bühler C-line short-goods pasta dryer provides premium pasta quality with maximum throughput and efficient floor space utilization. It is customizable thanks to its modular design concept, which is based on combinable, single drying elements.

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Key benefits

Top food safety

With the automatic dew-point control, conditions in the cooler are clean, dry and thus hygienic, thereby maintaining a high level of food safety.

High-end quality

Consistently produce uniformly dried pasta. The synergistic effects of S-shaped elements, smart air distribution, and heat insulation deliver perfect quality and structure stabilization.

Perfect performance

The drying parameters can be customized in the independently controllable climate zones. Belt speeds can be adjusted to produce a tailor-made “al dente” texture.

Highlight features

Countless varieties of short-goods pasta

Uniform drying conditions

The conveyor belts, which are made of patented and extremely robust S-type elements, promote uninterrupted and reliable production. With constant air circulation and individual belt drives, high throughputs can be achieved. The system allows the processing of recipes for countless varieties of short-goods pasta.

Excellent ventilation and heat insulation

Low energy consumption

By merging two drying zones into a single body and thus reducing the surface area, heat loss through radiation is reduced as well. The unique curved Bühler panels optimally insulate the short-goods pasta dryer from the outside, thereby minimizing energy consumption.

Independent belt drives

High flexibility for producing excellent pasta

By controlling belt speeds independently, flexibility increases in adjusting layer depth and retention time for every shape of traditional short-goods pasta. As a result, the C-line offers optimum drying conditions to produce premium-quality pasta, allowing for customizing for special shapes.

The C-line short-goods dryer is highly flexible. We can produce everything from soup pasta to penne and from penne to anelli siciliani!

Flavio Ferro, Plant Manager at La Molisana, Campobasso, Italy

With the modular design of the belt cooler, the cooling process can be regulated optimally. Electronic monitoring of the dew point eliminates any condensation. Gentle transportation with aluminum S-type elements keeps product abrasion to a minimum. With these features, process conditions in the cooler can be kept dust-free and hygienic while also maintaining optimal cooling performance.

Easy maintenance of Bühler lines increases productivity and supports a long service life. Relevant points on the C-line short-goods dryer are quickly and safely accessible via platforms or stairs, enabling convenient cleaning and maintenance of the unit.

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