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Drops depositing line


Our DropsMaster depositing line produces chocolate drops, chips, chunks, or kibble with the highest speed and quality. Dosing takes place directly onto a plastic conveyor belt and your customized system can include cooling, cutting, and depositing.

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Key benefits

Accuracy at high speeds

The DropsMaster combines high throughputs with total accuracy. It can deposit up to 30000 drops of almost microscopic scale per kilogram of chocolate mass.

Flexible line configuration

Each line is tailored to your individual requirements, depending on how and where it is to be installed. Hygienic design, depositors, a transport belt and a cooling tunnel are all part of the finished system.

Usability and functionality

Our optional SMED quick-changeover system makes changing products quick and convenient. The belt lifting table enables precise tail breaks while the depositor and the conveyor belt move synchronously. Gentle vibrations give the drops their final shape.

Highlight features

Reliable processes

Effective cooling, cutting, and slicing

An adjustable convection or bottom cooling system provides the effective cooling you need. You can also choose further specialized equipment to produce chunks. Here, a mass carpet is deposited onto the belt and given its familiar shape by use of a cutting knife and slicing device.

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