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Loose mould line


Our loose mould line ChocoStar produces top-quality chocolates, tablets, and bars. This high-throughput, high-efficiency line allows easy switching between filled and non-filled chocolates, delivering the reliability you want for your volume production.

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Key benefits

Efficient cladding saves energy

Insulated cladding on the machine's inside and outside provides highly efficient thermal protection. This can save you money on running costs and also allows better thermal control for repeatable product quality.

Consistent, high-quality products

State-of-the-art engineering and process technology deliver a consistently high and reproducible final quality with precise weight accuracy and a fine high-end finish.

Produce all of your chocolate styles on one line

Filled or unfilled, with inclusions or solid, shaped, wet-shelled or cold-stamped, with the ChocoStar, you can create a huge variety of chocolate types, shapes, and tastes on one single flexible line.

Highlight features

Multifunctional high-capacity line

Produce a wide range of products at high throughputs

The ChocoStar allows you to produce filled chocolate tablets and bars, filled and ball-shaped chocolates as well as solid tablets, all at high throughputs. This line is able to process up to 40 moulds per minute. It can deliver a throughput of up to 8000 kg/h.


Flexible configuration for all your chocolate types

You can choose between two cutting-edge technologies on a single line. Create your products either using traditional wet-shell forming with an oscillating process or using the CoolCore cold-stamping technology. Depending on the requirements, the filling area can be equipped with one or more depositors. Various feeding systems for inclusions can be added as well.

Precise thermal control

Controlled crystallization process

Between the production stages for the shell, filling, and back, the moulds are transported through a precisely controlled thermos-technical process. This yields exquisite chocolates with a glossy finish thanks to a controlled crystallization process.

The moulds can either be transported in a race-track configuration or in a straight line, enabling your ChocoStar line to fit into the available space.

The end-to-end hygienic design of the line provides a ground clearance of 300 mm under the entire line as well as easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you to plan, implement, and support new technology to improve quality, efficiency, and safety for your plant.

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