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Belt and bucket elevator

The belt and bucket elevator LBEB conveys grain, animal feed, and bulk materials. It offers a high level of sanitation and a reliable, long lifecycle.

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Key benefits

Configure the vertical conveyor that meets your needs

The belt and bucket elevator LBEB comes in modules. This allows you to configure it according to your requirements and add what you need in your plant.

High level of sanitation

The LBEB has a round intake boot and round shafts – all designed to stop residue from sticking to the elevator.

Fast installation of belts

We offer optional pre-stressed belts, which you can install in one step. This can save up to 80% of the belt installation time.

Highlight features

A highly versatile conveying system

Modular design for easy configuration and shipping

The elevator comes in a modular design, so you can create your own installation and configure it according to the demands in your plant. The standard shipping size of the modules and their compact housing facilitate both shipment and delivery.

High wear protection

Long machine life cycle

The wear plates of the belt and bucket elevator LBEB are lined with polyurethane to protect the machine against wear and prolong its lifetime.

Increased safety

Protection against machine damage and plant shutdown

The belt and bucket elevator LBEB has several protective devices to increase safety. One checks for overheating of the bearings. A speed monitor checks for belt rupture and monitors the belt tension. A belt skew monitor stops the elevator if the belt runs off track.

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