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Batch scale

The MSBA guarantees you unrivaled accuracy in weighing, proportioning and transporting floury products, sugar and salt. It minimizes residue while retaining extreme precision, ensuring your doughs are of a consistently high and repeatable quality.

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Key benefits

Customizable options

The modular design of the MSBA gives you maximum flexibility and versatility in your plant. The seven different assembly options and various versions can be easily combined to provide precisely the solution you require.

Superior cleanliness

All aspects of the MSBA, from hopper design to its stainless steel components, are created to ensure the entire system remains residue-free, providing superior hygiene in a low maintenance system that is both easy to clean and quick to service.

A recipe for precision

The MSBA brings new meaning to accuracy. Its innovative design ensures negligible amounts of residue, guaranteeing the most precise and consistent amount of product in the kneader and ensuring repeatable quality in your dough recipes every time.

Highlight features

Sturdy hopper design

Created for accuracy and hygiene

The innovative geometry and sturdy design of the MSBA hopper ensures that residue is kept to a minimum and weighing accuracy is second to none. This delivers precise amounts of product in the kneader, ensuring your recipes are of a consistently high quality and easily repeatable.

Easy maintenance

Convenient access to all components

The MSBA's electrical, pneumatic and electronic units are all conveniently accessible, providing your operators with easy access and ensuring that even the batch scales are quick and simple to maintain and service.

Flexible installation

Different mounting options

The mounting elements for the highly-customizable MSBA modules are easily height adjustable, giving you great flexibility and a wide variety of installation options.

Using our global experience across food processing and manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve the quality, efficiency and safety for your plant.

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