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Leipzig, Germany

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Leybold Optics Center of Competence in Leipzig, is specialized in surface processing (Ion beam figuring & - trimming) in the sub nanometer range of optical components and  in optical measurement systems. Moreover, the center also serve as hub of expertise in the field of automation and robotic programming.


Facts about this location

Over 20 years experiences in research and development of measurement and automation technology.
Grand Opening
Opening of the new facility in Leipzig.
1000 m²
The site houses high-tech production areas in cleanroom conditions and modern open workspaces.

Key competence

Ion Beam Figuring & - Trimming

Our high precision full automated Ion beam figuring & - trimming machines utilize cutting-edge technology to produce the most accurate and precise surfaces possible. With advanced software and hardware, these machines can easily handle complex shapes and high aspect ratio features. They offer unmatched repeatability and consistency, ensuring that every surface meets exacting standards. Whether you need to improve the surface quality of optical components or create precision engineering parts, our Ion beam figuring machines are the perfect solution for your needs.

Optical measuring technology

The measuring technology are state-of-the-art systems that ensures accurate measurements and control of optical coatings. Utilizing advanced algorithms and sensors, this technology enables to maintain precise thickness, reflectivity, and other critical parameters in your coatings, ensuring high quality products. With unparalleled precision and reliability, our technology sets the standard for optical coating measurements in the industry, and allow you to deliver superior products to your customers.


Our automation solutions for coating machines revolutionize the industry by optimizing production and reducing downtime. With our technology and expert engineering, we ensure consistent quality, high throughput by reducing operational costs.

How to find us

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+49 (0) 341 234935 0

Wollkämmereistraße 2
04357 Leipzig