Food Application Center (FAC) Plymouth MN - USA

Bühler’s Food Application Center in Plymouth, MN is a place where food and grain processors, co-manufacturers, universities, associations, and research institutes can come and, with the best equipment and the best minds, explore better ways of doing things.


Food Application Center (FAC) Plymouth MN - USA

Bühler’s Food Application Center in Plymouth, MN is a place where food and grain processors, co-manufacturers, universities, associations, and research institutes can come and, with the best equipment and the best minds, explore better ways of doing things.

In today's fast-paced and dymanic marketplace, innovating new products to keep your product portfolio abreast of, or ahead of, current consumer trends can be an obstacle. Aside from the challenges, though, these market conditions present real opportunities, too.

Whether developing a new ingredient, a more efficient process, or bringing your latest product idea to reality, we can help. Our Food Application Center in Minneapolis (FAC) is a food qualified, FDA-approved facility designed for co-creation at its highest level – giving you the opportunity to utilze the latest in food processing technology, and the expertise that comes with more than 160 years of experience. 


A platform for co-creation and concept development

From idea to sustainable, industrial production.

Latest technologies

  • Complete systems for processing peas, chickpeas, beans, corn, oats, special grains and many other crops.
  • Produce flours, flakes, snacks, pasta, cereals, meat analogs, food ingredients, and a myriad of extruded products.
  • The perfect development platform for food processors, co-manufacturers, start-ups, academia, and other food-focused organizations.

Process perfection

  • Develop and otimize your new processes in a dedicated production environment, using the latest in equipment, digital tools, and expert process knowledge.
  • Assess tools that can help make the most of your manufacturing process, and easily identify areas for improvement.

Develop ideas to reality

  • Collaborating with our experts, develop your next food concept, transforming your raw materials into a ready-to-market product .
  • Complete with analytical labs, as well as testing kitchens, the FAC can help define both products and sustainable, scalable processes.
  • Test, analyze, and improve quickly and efficiently using industry-leading systems.

Knowledge sharing

  • Get insights from our experts on material transformation, food safety, digital tools, process optimization, equipment maintenance and operation and much more. 
  • Leverage our team to achieve better performance in your own facilities.
  • Training offerings for your people, face to face or virtual.

Our playground for the Food Industry

Specialty Milling Center
For processing pulses, corn, oats, ancient grains, oil seeds and several other crops
Extrusion Center
For extruded ingredients, food products, vegetarian pet food, alternative proteins and meat analogs
The FAC is a playground for the Food Industry, allowing the creation of thousands of new products and processes.

Applications and technologies


Pulse processing

Transform peas, chickpeas, beans, and many other pulses, into cleaned and graded products, splits, flours, flakes, snacks, pasta, breakfast cereals, meat analogs, alternative ingredients, and a myriad of extruded products.

Prime Masa Flour

The Prime Masa plant in the Food Application Center processes corn to create nixtamal flour for tortillas with an innovative process that uses 90% less water. This dramatically reduces costs while preserving the traditional flavor. 

Meat alternatives to feed the world

Our extrusion center is the perfect place to create alternative foods and ingredients. From meat substitutes, modified flours, starches and breadcrumbs, to upcycling side streams, we are at the heart of alternative proteins and food ingredient processing.

Process oats and ancient grains into delicious foods

Transform oats, spelt, quinoa and several ancient grains into flours, bran, breaks, flakes, breakfast cereals and a myriad of extruded products. Our integrated lines cover the whole process from cleaning, grading, and kilning, to flaking, grinding, mixing and extruding. Create easy-to-digest products with a good taste and long shelf life.

Extrusion center

Product development and trials

The high torque, variable screw speed and pressure variables on our twin-screw extruder provide the necessary flexibility needed to meet different process requirements that successful testing demands. Meanwhile, the modular design allows for the customization of this machine to a wide variety of applications.


In our Extrusion Workshop, you'll learn the theoretical and practical aspects of extrusion as well as all the processing steps of an extrusion line. This is combined with hands-on application, for a complete understanding.
You can read more about the Extrusion Workshop here.

Optical sorting center

The optical sorting center features a wide range of our industry-leading sorting technologies to accommodate a wide range of raw materials, and even finished products. Using our SpectraVision, Multivision, LumoVision, GlowVision, and ColorVision technologies you can be assured of the most efficient and effective sort, providing you with the highest product quality.

Complete grinding system

For particle size reduction, the FAC has a complete grinding system that includes hammer mills, pin mills, roller mills, plan sifters, purifier and mill pneumatics.

Flaking system for Prime Masa flour and flaking trials.

The PolyFlake produces flakes from extruded or boiled corn (maize), wheat, oats, multigrain, and other raw grains while meeting the most rigorous standards in terms of product quality, throughput capacity, hygiene, and ease of maintenance.

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