Privacy Notice Bühler Mainland China


Privacy Notice Bühler Mainland China

Bühler China ("we" or "Bühler")[1] is committed to protecting your personal information (including customers, suppliers and other partners, applicants, visitors, etc.). In order to ensure that our handling (including collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision, disclosure, deletion, etc.) of your personal information in the People's Republic of China complies with the requirements of Chinese law, we have established this Privacy Notice Bühler Group (Mainland China) ("Notice"). This Notice applies to how we handle and protect your personal information in a variety of online and offline situations, such as when you visit our online products and services or attend offline events, do business with us, or submit a resume to us. Please note that the bolded and underlined font below represents the sensitive personal information we process about you. In the event of any inconsistency between this Notice and the Privacy Notice Bühler Group, the contents of this Notice shall prevail. For anything not expressly stated in this Notice, please refer to the Privacy Notice Bühler Group. If our website, applications, mini program, platforms, etc. have a specific privacy policy, please also read that specific privacy policy carefully.


[1] Please see Appendix 2 for a list of Bühler China affiliated legal entities.


1.  How we collect and process your personal information 

We will collect and process your personal information in the following scenarios for the following purposes or in connection with them.

1) For existing or potential business partners (including customers, suppliers and other partners) 

For the purposes of business communication, establishing and fulfilling contracts, conducting and following up on business activities, we may collect the name, telephone number, email address, company, address of your contact (in order to send the goods to the correct address), ID number and ID photo (for verification of the validity of the identity, and it is not necessary) online (e.g. through the Bühler website, the “Abu Micro Mall” and the “Bühler Cereals Division Channel Management WeChat Mini program”) and/or offline (e.g. verbally or by contract). 

2) Applicants

In order to manage and process your job applications, promote the recruitment process and provide recruitment-related services, we may process your resume information and other personal information you voluntarily provide to us through our website, WeChat or other online and offline channels.

3) Visitors

When you visit our premises or factory, we may collect your personal information, including name, cell phone number, company, ID card number (not necessary), time of visit, purpose of visit, name of receptionist, work number, visitor card number, license plate number, through offline or online registration in order to strengthen the security of the company and protect the safety of your visit, and based on the necessity of daily management.

4) Users of the website and application

When you visit the Bühler website online, in order to provide a better presentation of the pages and to understand your browsing preferences, we may collect your IP address, login data, information about when our website was visited and/or applications were installed and/or you agreed to receive newsletter, the duration of the visit, the pages visited, specific information about the device, etc. through Cookies.

If you use any of our other applications or services, please pay attention to the specific privacy terms or statements set forth in that application or service that will help you understand how we handle your personal information.

5) Others

When you have contact with Bühler based on business, activities or other matters, Bühler will obtain your consent in advance before processing your personal information, fulfill the obligations stipulated by laws and regulations, and fully protect the security of your personal information.


2. Retention of personal information

Please be aware that we will only keep your personal information for the shortest period of time necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was processed. In addition, we will take the necessary management and technical security measures to protect the safety of your personal information.


3. Cross-border transfer of personal information

Due to the deployment of Bühler's global systems and the global distribution of our business and personnel, your personal information as described above may be transferred to our global headquarter located outside of China. If we transfer your personal information outside of China, we will obtain your separate consent in advance and fulfill other compliance obligations required by law and regulations to safeguard the security of your information.


4. Your rights

According to the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and related laws, you have the right to request access, copy, correction, deletion, explanation and withdrawal of your personal information. When you withdraw your authorization, we will no longer process your corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the personal information processing activities previously carried out on the basis of your consent.


5. Contact Us 

If you want to exercise the relevant rights, you can contact us through, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.


This additional Privacy Notice was issued on September 7th, 2023.

Appendix 2: List of Bühler (China) Affiliated Companies
No. Company
1. Bühler (China) Holding Co., Ltd.
2. Bühler (Wuxi) Commercial Co., Ltd.
3. Bühler (Wuxi) Commercial Co., Ltd., Hefei Branch
4. Chengdu Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd.
5. Dongguan Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd
6. Weifang Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd.
7. Gu'an Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd.
8. Changji Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd.
9. Zhengzhou Bühler Machinery Co., Ltd.
10. Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd.
11. Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Branch
12. Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Harbin Branch
13 Bühler (China) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
14 Bühler Sortex Optical Equipment (Hefei) Co., Ltd.
15 Bühler Food Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
16 Bühler (Changzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd.
17 Changzhou Bühler Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
18 Bühler (Wuhan) Machinery Co., Ltd.
20 Bühler Equipment (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
21 Bühler Mechanical Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
22 Wuxi Bühler Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
23 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Suiping Branch
24 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Liaocheng Branch
25 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Branch
26 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Xianyang Branch
27 Bühler (Changzhou) Insect Technologies Co., Ltd.
28 Bühler Leybold Optics Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
29 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Fuyang Branch
30 Bühler (Wuxi) Technical Services Co., Ltd., Shenyang Branch