EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

HSE - Health, Safety, Environment


EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

HSE - Health, Safety, Environment

On this page, you will find information on the environment, health and safety policy of Bühler Group. The EHS policies describe the binding goals and obligations of Bühler Group in the area of environmental and occupational health and safety.  Copies of policy documents are also available for download. 

Our aim

Health and Safety

Our aim is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses at our locations, installation and service projects, during travels and at our customers' locations. We commit ourselves to comply with all legal occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements. In order to achieve these goals we have introduced an OHS management system.


Bühler does not delegate responsibility for OHS to safety officers but requires that occupational health and safety is an integral part of all business activities. For this reason, Bühler managers at all levels and all workers are responsible for OHS as part of their business activities independent where is their workplace.

Bühler 10 lifesaving rules

Our aim


Externally, we commit to decrease waste, water and energy in our customer’s value chain by 50% by 2025.


Internally, we will reduce emissions along the 1.5 degree pathway and neutralize remaining emissions from 2030 onwards in our own MLS operations.

Let's make safety our culture

This safety video shows our understanding of safety. Our safety culture and employee integration as well as the clear and strong statement from our CEO for the entire Executive Board and the Bühler family. We live and force safety wherever we are!

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