Environmental Impact Services

We simplify your sustainability journey. 



Environmental Impact Services

We simplify your sustainability journey. 


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The environmental impact services enable companies to quantify & understand the environmental footprint of operations and products, certify and report key metrics to stakeholders and build a climate transition plan to reduce environmental footprint. As a technology provider into the food & mobility industries, Bühler offer the unique combination of process knowledge and quantification to build tailored sustainability solutions. 


Key benefits

Cost reduction

Save time and cost understanding your footprint and reduction potential with our combined quantification & processing knowledge.


Work with one partner to quantify and reduce your footprint, benchmark your performance and implement industry best practice.


Increase your supplier sustainability rating with independent third-party certifications and detailed multi-metric analysis.

Key Features

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Customer Feedback

Hemelter Mühle has been a family-run milling company for over 128 years, and is managed by Jan Cordesmeyer in the fourth generation. Approximately 360’000 metric tons of wheat, rye, spelt are milled across the two sites in Rheine and Spelle. 

We supported Hemelter Mühle on:

  • Quantified product CO2e footprints of flour & bran from the farm, into wheat storage, wheat logistics, milling and flour logistics
  • Provided a comparison of different logistics methods including lorry, rail and ship
  • Quantified site CO2e footprint of the Spelle site in Germany
  • Impact analysis of CO2e neutrality & purchase of renewable electricity


"The Bühler team provided us with extensive insight into the details and particulars of the calculation, so that the subsequent evaluations were always comprehensible and transparent for us as non-experts in this field. This enables us even today to answer our customers' questions about our results with ease."


Jan Cordesmeyer

DGS is an innovative developer and international manufacturer of complex, high-quality die-cast components, with production locations, in Switzerland, Czech Republic and China. 

We supported DGS on:

  • Quantifying site COe footprint of the St Gallen site in Switzerland including analysis of manufacturing emissions, breakdown of energy mix and waste emissions
  • Quantifying product COe footprints of aluminium & magnesium parts from the production of metals, upstream logistics, casting and downstream logistics 
  • Analysing of parts and impact of using recycled metal
  • Integration of hydropower & solar panels into the site quantification 

"At DGS we are happy to have such great support on COe quantification for the whole diecasting process from our main die-casting-cell supplier Bühler. The profound understanding of the whole process from Bühler helped a lot for an efficient and successful project."


Andreas Müller

Since the founding of Kägi factory in 1934, Kägi’s passion has been to produce the finest chocolate wafers with best Swiss quality. “At Kägi, we blend tradition, savoir-faire and innovation for authentically Swiss chocolaty pleasure”.

We supported Kägi with a holistic Sustainability approach:

  • Bühler experts conducted a Performance Assessment Workshop (PAW) at Kägi to identify optimization possibilities
  • With Bühler Insights and the overview of processes and KPIs, Kägi expects significant cost ​​​​savings and an OEE increase
  • Bühler Environmental Quantification Service quantified Kägi Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions of the operations and the upstream-value chain to identify key levers for reductions
  • The assessment included an analysis of the impact of renewable energy
  • The assessment transferred knowledge on COe accounting and aims to enable effective communication of Kägi‘s sustainability efforts & support strategy development

"The collected data not only helps us with traceability and transparency, we are also working with Bühler on a CO2eq quantification of the entire factory, which gives us an overview of where there is potential for optimization in order to make our production more sustainable"


Pascal Grin
COO of Kägi
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