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Compact production system for chocolate and compound masses

SmartChoc ™ Plus

Our SmartChoc Plus has been designed for producing chocolate, coating and filling masses in batches ranging from 200 to 800 kg.

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Key benefits

Flavor development thanks to the ELK-Light conching process

This important process step allows a specific aroma to be developed and generates the unique taste by removing undesirable volatile substances and moisture. A reduced moisture content results in less viscosity in the end product.

Individual batch production

Batch production and the automation system allow a high degree of flexibility for every batch. Create individual recipes with different flavors and fineness.

Fast and easy cleaning for a speedy product changeover

The all-in-one system is designed for easy cleaning and fast product changeover. The small volume of grinding chamber in the ball mill allows a fast changeover while producing minimal waste.

Highlight features

Compact production system

SmartChoc Plus

The simple way to produce chocolate, coating and filling masses. SmartChoc Plus consists of an ELK-Light conche (1) for aroma development and moisture reduction, a Cenomic ball mill (2) for particle size reduction in more passes, and a ShearMix mixer (3) which acts as a buffer tank. The intuitive control system (4) monitors and controls all conditions and allows you to save various recipes.

ELK-Light conche

Applicable to the ball mill grinding process

The conching process is the key to producing high-quality chocolates and coatings. As a variant of the classical conching process, our light conching is applied before grinding. Light conching can be used with recipes based on granulated or powdered sugar. In the light conching process, the ingredients are mixed, aerated, kneaded and heated to an individually adjustable temperature.

Cenomic ball mill

Low-energy grinding at the lowest possible product temperature

Our horizontal Cenomic ball mill grinds the chocolate down to a fineness of about 20 microns in several passes. The small grinding chamber guarantees fast cleaning and product changes, enabling production of various recipes in the same system.

Process solution

Smart solution for small batch production

The SmartChoc system is ideal for processing a wide range of end products such as compound chocolate or fat-based masses for coatings, fillings and creams, with a throughput of 90 to 300 kg per hour. Customers also benefit from our process know-how for chocolate and compound chocolate production.

Better quality, higher throughput and shorter running times on a similar floor area.

Christophe Verstreken, General Manager of Belgian Delights Gold Coast Australia

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Our SmartChoc comes in three types. See the details below.

System Batch size Process time Ball mill type Ball mill power Crystalline sugar (at 22 microns) Powdered sugar (at 22 microns)
SmartChoc Plus 400-C3 400 kg 4.8 h Cenomic 3 22 kW 80 kg/h 120 kg/h
SmartChoc Plus 800-C6 800 kg 5.7 h Cenomic 6 37 kW 140 kg/h 200 kg/h
SmartChoc Plus 800-C15 800 kg 2.9 h Cenomic 15 55 kW 260 kg/h 300 kg/h

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