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High-speed mixer


The HSM high speed mixer mixes heavy dough for bread, sweet bread and panettone as well as hard, semi-hard and soft dough for molded, wire-cut, deposited and extruded biscuits.

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Key benefits

Hygienic execution

All parts of the HSM coming into contact with dough are made of stainless steel for easy, allergen-safe cleaning.

Forming a uniform dough

The HSM has a fixed lid with two circular inlets for dry ingredient filling and one rectangular flange for liquids or other ingredients. This helps evenly distribute all types of ingredients.

Different sizes for any need

The mixer is available with bowl dough capacities of 330, 480, 660, 900 kg and bread product capacities of 275, 400, 550, 750 and 1250 kg.

Highlight features

Robust build

Ideal for heavier doughs

After the manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic feeding of ingredients into the mixing bowl, the mixing time and speed are adjusted manually or automatically to obtain the right consistency for different doughs. This is why the HSM is a good solution for a variety of products.

Key topics

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