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Sputter coater for highly precise layers

HELIOS series

The Helios sputter coater from Bühler is designed to meet the highest demands for thin-film coatings. Use it for laser line, steep-edge and notch filters, laser and chirped mirrors, polarizers, beam splitters, bio and ADAS sensors or consumer electronics.

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Key benefits

Innovative PARMS technology

The Helios coaters use PARMS process technology, plasma-assisted reactive magnetron-sputtering. This precisely controls very thin layers at atomic scale and is designed to produce top-grade products and high yields.

Setting the benchmark for on-substrate in-situ optical monitoring

The Helios is designed for excellent process and production stability. So it can coat even ultra-thin layers with perfect precision.

Setting new performance standards

Helios sets new benchmarks for filters with over 200 layers or more than 20 µm thickness. It helps to get the right film oxidation, high layer densities and low layer losses, all key for a high laser damage threshold, low scattering and high reflectivity.

Highlight features

PARMS technology

Very precise films

PARMS technology, plasma-assisted reactive magnetron-sputtering, deposits dielectric coatings from metal targets with high and low refractive indices. It combines mid-frequency (MF) and radio-frequency (RF) sputter technologies over two magnetrons. This allows to achieve high productivity, top-grade products and precision at atomic scale.

On-substrate optical monitoring

Achieve high reproducibility while safeguarding your production

Our in-situ optical monitoring system, Leybold Optics OMS 5100, ensures the exact termination of every layer. For larger layer stacks you can add an automated loading system, so you exchange test glasses without breaking the vacuum. All this means you can leave the Helios operating unattended for long periods without compromising the quality of your product.

You can quickly transfer optical designs in LMR and LPR file format into the production tool. The coaters perfectly match production in a wide range of filter designs. This helps to rapidly prototype new products and cut time-to-market.

Co-sputtering produces any refractive index, which can in theory be achieved with high- and low-index sputtering materials. This improves the flexibility of the tools and can rapidly prototype or increase daily production throughput.

Customize your Helios vacuum coater to match what you need for your product, process, and production.

Key topics

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