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Crystallization measuring instrument

MultiTherm ™

MultiTherm is a revolutionary instrument for measuring the crystallization properties of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and chocolate mass. The Bühler Crystallization Index BCI is the new quality standard and provides the full picture of the cooling curve.

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Key benefits

Analyze all data; on the device or online on Bühler Insights

All measurements are stored on the MultiTherm, ensuring seamless traceability. Compare up to four measurements directly on the device or easily export the data for deeper online analysis.

Reliable quality control

Predict the quality of the chocolate by measuring the Bühler Crystallization Index BCI of cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. Reduce waste and rework thanks to product and process control.

Intuitive operation

MultiTherm boasts an easy sample preparation process and intuitive operation to which no other crystallization measurement instruments can compare. Our solution provides detailed crystallization information in less than one hour.

Highlight features

Quality control of raw materials

Bühler Crystallization Index BCI

The BCI, developed by Bühler, provides all of the information about the crystallization behavior of the cocoa butter and cocoa mass and predicts the effect on the chocolate mass. Using the BCI, users can check the crystallization properties of their raw materials before the production process even begins. This helps reduce waste and rework through product and process control.

Intuitive operation

As easy as pushing a button

Fill the sampling cup with mass, put it into the MultiTherm and start the measurement. That’s all! The intuitive touch-interface will guide you through the whole measurement process. The integrated wizards for calibration and sample preparation will also guide you.


Get connected for endless possibilities

Connect to Bühler Insights for deeper analysis of your data, see and manage all your MultiTherm instruments, get notifications on your mobile device when measurements are finished and profit from further analysis packages. Even ordering spare cups is quick and easy over the Bühler online platform.

Data traceability and analysis

Store and analyze your measurements

All measurements are stored on the device, ensuring a seamless traceability. Compare up to four measurements on the device or export data via USB and analyze them on your computer. MultiTherm also allows data to be saved on Bühler Insights with its endless possibilities of deep data analysis.

Process control

Temper index TI

Two in one. The MultiTherm turns easily into a tempermeter that measures the cooling curve of chocolate mass in less than 10 minutes. The temper index TI provides quality information on the chocolate mass before moulding and helps to control the process.

Maximum precision

Reliable quality control

MultiTherm combines Bühler’s know-how in crystallization with a smart computer algorithm. The highly sensitive temperature sensors, precise cooling cell control and smart algorithm ensures first-class quality control. The automatic sample preparation additionally ensures a consistent mass conditioning, which is key for a precise measurement. Thus operating mistakes are completely eliminated.

To ensure a constant quality measurement, the MultiTherm needs to be calibrated frequently. The MultiTherm device will guide you easily through this procedure by using the optional calibration set.

The compact and mobile device can be used at any time – from when the raw materials are received up until the chocolate is molded – and guarantees that the crystallization properties of the products are checked continuously.

By analyzing the quality of the cocoa butter, which is one of the most valuable ingredients in chocolate production, a high chocolate quality can be ensured. This eliminates the risk of waste due to insufficient cocoa butter quality.

Did you know that our MultiTherm has won a design award?

The world-renowned design prize.
Bühler was a winner of this year's iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. MultiTherm won in the discipline "Product", in the "Industry / Tools" category. MultiTherm won over the 98-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with the impact of the unique measuring method, its user focused form design, the optimal ergonomics and the ease of use.

What is MultiTherm?

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