Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Sorting


Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Sorting

Optical sorting is essential in any processing operation. It helps you meet food safety requirements and achieve purer product quality. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software. It removes product defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture.

We have an extensive product range to suit your needs based on your budget, capacity and the product quality you need to achieve.


Applications and commodities


Frozen Carrots

Major and minor colour defects such aswhite, green and dark blemishes as wellas foreign materials including stones, insects, mice, plastic, wood, glass andcardboard can be moved from a variety of fresh and frozen carrot applications.

Frozen Peas

All types of colour defects ranging from yellow, blond, khaki and nightshades are removed with ease using Bühler’s advanced and custom-built colour cameras. Foreign materials and Extraneous Vegetable Matter (EVM) such as pods, sticks, insects, snails, flowerheads, mice, snakes, woods, plastic, glass and stones can be removed without any adjustment to the sorter. 

Frozen Corn

Color defects such as white and dark kernels, as well as FM including cobs particles, white plastics, cardboard, wood, stones, caterpillars, husk material and insects can be effectively removed to provide processors with the peace of mind that they have the highest quality produce prior to packing. 

Frozen Cranberries

Bühler’s advanced and custom-built cameras detect all types of color defects including discolored, pink, white, green and dark cranberries; extraneous vegetable matter and foreign material (FM) such as pine needles, sticks, leaves, forest materials; and FM including animal matter, packaging materials cardboard, wood and plastics which can be removed without damaging the cranberries.

Frozen Raspberries

Defects such as white, pink, green, mouldy or soft raspberries as well as foreign materials including insects, snails stems, attached stems, glass and plastic are removed with high efficiency without compromising the valuable, fragile produce. 

Frozen Blueberries

Defects such as shriveled blueberries, discolored red and green, halve berries as well as FM including plant stalks, stones, insects, snails, attached stems, glass and plastic can be removed with high efficiency without compromising on the valuable, fragile produce.  

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