Agricultural seed sorting


Agricultural seed sorting

Our optical sorters are designed to deliver maximum germination of seeds. They detect unwanted colors, subtle discoloration, size and shape defects, and foreign materials. The accuracy of our technologies not only improves the homogenous appearance of your final seed quality but also ensures consistent growth rates. Depending on the model, we can also successfully sort smaller seed varieties such as carrot, onion and lettuce. 




Different varieties of sunflower seeds such as black, striped or white have varying defects and processing requirements. Using a combination of  Bühler proprietary technologies including Enhanced InGaAs and PROfile TM , the sorting sample shown above successfully removed sclerotia, flower heads, xanthium seeds and sticks. 

Our range of optical sorters can sort a wide range of corn varieties including both white and yellow field corn, popcorn and sweetcorn. SORTEX can successfully remove diseased corns, insect damage and broken corns for maximum germination. The application can also remove foreign seeds to eliminate cross contamination.

Raw soya seeds from the field have high levels of cross contamination. In the sorting example shown above, corn, other bean varieties, foreign materials and oblong shaped soya seeds were successfully removed to deliver a consistent homogeneous appearance. For maximum germination, the sorting application also removed immature, brown and black soya seeds.

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Improving yield, germination and profitability

Our optical sorters sort a wide range of seed varieties from field crops, herbage seeds to vegetable seeds. They detect unwanted colors, seed defects, diseased seeds and foreign materials. The examples presented here are from actual product and customer trials.

Accept quality of sunflower seeds after optical sorting.
Defects removed included sclerotic, flower heads, xanthium seed and sticks.
Accept quality of corn or maize seeds after optical sorting.
Diseased corn, broken and insect damaged corn.

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