Buhler continues its growth

23.01.2009 The Buhler Technology Group continued its growth in fiscal 2008. Order bookings rose by 3 percent, while sales revenue grew by some 7 percent. The operating profit increased at an above-proportional rate. After the good result it achieved in 2007, Buhler yet again increased its growth in the past year. Despite the more difficult market environment toward the end of the year, the Group raised its order bookings by some 3 percent to CHF 1891m (previous year: CHF 1838m). Sales (turnover) amounted to CHF 1893m, compared with CHF 1773m a year ago.

The core business units focusing on the supply of products for staple foods processing developed as expected across the entire year. However, individual units were faced with a weaker business environment in the fourth quarter. In particular, demand for die casting solutions dropped sharply due to the slump in the automotive industry. But in all, this decline was offset by the growth achieved in the other divisions. The diversified portfolio in the Group’s food and nonfood units and its broad geographical basis therefore once again proved to be a major strategic advantage.

In geographical terms, Buhler achieved its strongest growth in the regions of Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Order bookings were highly encouraging also in China, India, and Korea. On the other hand, the Group had to accept setbacks in South America and Southeast Asia due to project deferrals. In North America, business remained roughly at the level of a year ago.

The detailed profit-and-loss statement and the annual report will be published on the occasion of the annual earnings release meeting 2009. It will be held on April 2, 2009.