SORTEX Z+, The Latest Generation Optical Sorter

15.06.2006 Sortex Z series sorters are used all over the world. Their sorting accuracy gives the best yield and efficiency of any optical sorting system even at very high production capacities. Now we are delighted to introduce the very latest sorting developments in the new SORTEX Z+. Multiple Camera Power
SORTEX Z+ cameras have the highest resolution and the lowest signal to noise ratio so they can detect and then reject the smallest of imperfections with its 2048 pixel camera sensors. The basic optical configuration of the SORTEX Z+ has two-sided monochromatic cameras detecting defects darker than the product stream. However, each module has additional camera locations allowing extra cameras to be fitted to enhance the sorting capability.

Additional monochromatic visible light cameras allow simultaneous detection of light and dark defects and multi-colour analysis.

Monochromatic high-resolution infrared cameras give improved detection of some types of glass, plastic and other foreign material.

Bichromatic visible cameras detect the colour components of the product, allowing the most subtle differences of colour and shade to be detected.

Bichromatic infrared cameras help with the specialist separation of products and contaminants of similar colour.

Shape Recognition
SORTEX Z+ PROfile shape recognition system gives the sorter the ability to separate objects by their shape as well as by their colour. This is a powerful new defect detection tool to further enhance the SORTEX Z+ colour and infrared cameras and is of great benefit to users in removing contaminants of similar colour to the product, or in removing misshapen product.

Long life, Serviceable, High-Resolution Ejectors
SORTEX Z+ ejectors have been redesigned to extend its service interval by three times, further reducing the cost of ownership. This reduces loss of good product over the life of the ejectors. The number of ejector operations is recorded to enable planned maintenance.

Enhanced Dust Extraction
The reduction of dust is important in maintaining good sorting performance. SORTEX Z+ feature a new dust extraction system keeping dust away from the inspection area and reducing the frequency of the automatic cleaning cycles. This in turn makes rejection more accurate, improving the yield and reducing waste, and increases capacity.

Colour Touch-Screen User Interface
The SORTEX Z+ user interface can display many languages, making its use comfortable for operators worldwide.The large touch-screen is much more finger-friendly than its predecessor, and is much easier to read when displaying Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

Specifically For Rice Processors
The broken rice monitor, which provides a continuous analysis of broken grain content and defect statistics for quality control purposes is incorporated into all SORTEX Z+ sorters.

An improved resort chute has been developed for long-grain rice that makes a dramatic improvement to the speed of resorting, thereby increasing the sorter capacity. It also makes a dramatic improvement to the yield by further reducing the number of good grains in the reject down to insignificant levels.