Sortex Performance Wins Approval From SOS Group

15.06.2006 Trial result leads to eight Z4 sales within year. The SOS Group, with headquarters at Villarejo de Salvanes, Spain, has a prominent international presence in the dry food sector and is leader in at least six of the markets in which its more than 20 companies operate.

At its plants in Spain, Portugal and Mexico it processes short and long grain rice and, at its United States facility, white and parboiled rice. For a considerable time London based Sortex had tried to install its advanced optical sorting machines within the group but loyalty to an established supplier seemed an impenetrable barrier.

That was before the Valencia plant faced a problem with 3000 tons of short grain rice, which had a high chalky contamination content. The installed machine was unable to improve chalky rice contamination from a level of 7-8 percent to less than 3 percent. The consignment could only be processed by passing the product twice, so generating many rejects, and reducing production. The required final product quality could not be guaranteed.

A Sortex Z4 was installed within a week. Within one day it was clear that it was performing to a considerably higher standard. The capacity was greater, performance better and machine adjustment easier. As a result, Mr.Vicente Custardoy, SOS Technical Director, ordered the Z4 formally and decided to place further orders with Sortex.

By summer 2005, three Z4s were installed at SOS’s Valencia plant and one in Seville. In addition, a Z4 was installed at each of SOS’s Mexican, Portuguese and United States facilities. All machines are equipped with the Sortex Broken Rice Trend Monitor, which allows more control of the milling process. By saving high value head rice grains, which were effectively being sold as broken grains, a saving of up to $60000pa may be made by a miller processing five tons an hour.

Mr. Custardoy is impressed, too, by Sortex’s on-going technical support and is enthusiastic about the quality of Z Anyware remote access servicing. “I can only say that the performance of the Sortex Z4 machine on its exhaustive trial was so impressive that I had no hesitation in placing a series of firm orders. At our plants in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, throughput for white short and long grain rice ranges from 12 to 40 tons an hour. In the USA, parboiled rice is processed at 45 tons an hour and white rice at 70 tons an hour.