New lines produce traditional pasta

12.12.2007 Italy has always been the home of pasta. Rey Pastificio dei F’lli Toso S.r.l. in the Piemont is yet another Italian pasta producer to rely on stateof- the-art Buhler process technology. The Rey Pastificio company in San Damiano d’Asti in the Piemont is one of Italy’s most traditional pasta producers. The family-owned company emerged over 150 years ago from an artisanal business. Today, Maria Toso-Rey and her children Carla, Domenico, Franco, and Pierluigi Toso are the fourth and fifth generations in charge of the business. What has never changed in addition to the ownership is the pasta quality that the company makes. Rey Pastificio – also called Pasta Rey in short – still produces its pasta on the basis of an old traditional recipe.

“Rey” label in the background
Pasta Rey is mainly active in exports. Only about 15% of its total annual output is marketed under the “Rey” label in Italy. The balance goes to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, the U.S., and Africa. There, the durum pasta produced by Rey Pastificio is distributed under various proprietary names in the stores of large retailers such as Carrefour, Aldi, Reve-Billa, or Lidl. Consumers regularly give top marks to these proprietary brands.

The recipe on which Rey pasta is based has not changed within 150 years. What is different, on the other hand, is the production technology that is applied. “We adhered to four principles in renewing our production facilities,” explains Franco Toso, who is in charge of administration and technology at Pasta Rey. “Our top priority is to uphold our tradition and to strive for top quality. In addition, we observe uncompromising hygienic standards and rigorous ecological targets.”

Various certificates
Thus, Rey Pastificio invests continuously in the development of new production processes and has been certified by outside agencies. Rey Pastificio holds the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its quality system, which covers the entire production chain from raw materials supplies to finished products.

In the field of safety, hygiene, and health, Rey Pastificio additionally holds the certificate from the British Retail Consortium. It certifies that Rey uncompromisingly observes all regulations, conscientiously tracks the product quality, and honors all obligations entered into with customers. Moreover, Rey Pastificio is also the holder of the IFS certificate, which attests to the high level of its quality system, raw materials sources, and production and control processes.

To live up to its environmental protection principles, Rey Pastificio exclusively uses recyclable packaging materials. In addition, the production processes have been systematically designed with energy recovery in mind.

Opting for Buhler
The first two automated production lines (short goods 1500 kg/h and long goods 1500 kg/h) operated by Pasta Rey were supplied by Italian manufacturers. How, then, did Rey Pastificio come across Buhler? Franco Toso: “We were urgently forced to increase our production capacity, so we toured a plant equipped with a Buhler C-line pasta production line. The Toso family were enthusiastic about the plant.” “We found the Polymatik system fantastic with its short mixer/kneader retention time,” they say. “But we were also especially fascinated by the quality of the pasta and the fact that the C-line is virtually fully automated!” The Toso family summarize: “What we were holding in our hands as the finished product was our traditional pasta, but it had been produced by a third-millennium process technology on the basis of economic and ecological principles. That made it easy for us to opt for Buhler.”

More than satisfied
Pasta Rey ordered a Buhler short-goods C-line with a capacity of 3600 kilograms per hour in the autumn of 2005. It was possible to integrate the new line in the existing building so that Pasta Rey did not incur any additional rebuilding expenses. The careful preparations made by the new Buhler customer enabled the project to be implemented within a very short time. The line was started up on schedule.

The Rey Pastificio company has not lost any of its enthusiasm for its new pasta line: “We are more than satisfied with our new C-line. The quality of our pasta is as expected, also in commercial terms. We have doubled our capacities with the new plant without hiring any new staff. And what pleases us most is our customers’ very positive responses. They are content to find that while we have maintained the traditional quality of our pasta, we are doing so by using the technology of the future.”

Domenico, Pierluigi and Franco Toso are enthusiastic about their new C–line from Buhler. Domenico, Pierluigi and Franco Toso are enthusiastic about their new C–line from Buhler.