SORTEX E BioVision™

SORTEX E BioVision™ - for the safest products in your packs.

- exceptional shell and foreign material detection at the highest capacities.
- Maximum food safety
- Consistent stable performance
- Lower cost of ownership

SORTEX E BioVision™

Exceptional shell and foreign material detection at the highest capacities.

Featuring revolutionary high-definition BioVision™ technology which targets the spectral difference between nut meats, shell and foreign material for a greater reduction of hazardous materials than ever before Combined with Buhler’s innovative, state-of-the-art colour, InGaAs and PROfile™ detection technologies, the SORTEX E BioVision™ can be configured to sort unique and customer specific sorting requirements from removing shells at the beginning of the line or as a final quality check to remove colour defects and foreign material such as shell, sticks, stones, glass and plastic at the end of the line.

Delivering an unrivalled sorting performance with best in class shell, foreign material and colour defect removal at the highest capacities for maximum yield – making it the ultimate optical sorter for both small and large scale nut processors.

Maximising food safety

  • Advanced detection technology, including BioVision™, colour, InGaAs and PROfile™ achieves a greater reduction of hazardous materials than ever before; detecting objects up to 50% smaller than other industry solutions today
  • Broad-spectrum lighting enables viewing of a wide range of defects from blue and short wave infrared wavelengths
  • Hygienic, stainless steel design with built-in dust management system allows for easy cleaning and superior handling of dusty products. Satisfying safety requirements in the food industry

Consistent, stable performance

  • One simple set-up for multiple nut varieties, providing a consistent performance with virtually no loss of good product during fine tuning
  • Climate control system maximises stability by maintaining constant temperature under changing ambient conditions

Low cost of ownership

  • Forward vibratory feed system provides non-stop continuous performance for minimal operator intervention
  • Long-life serviceable ejectors provides an exceptional sorting performance over a longer period of time, lowering operating costs
  • SmartEject™ technology ensures there is virtually no loss of good product, providing the highest possible yield

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SORTEX E BioVision™ Podcast

In this program we spoke to Charith Gunawardena and Faisal Baig about the launch of the new SORTEX E BioVision™ optical sorter for nut processors to find out more about the new revolutionary technology that is safeguarding food safety in nut processing.

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