Volumetric Feed Gate MZDE

Volumetric Feed Gate MZDE – Constant volumetric proportioning of free-flowing products.

- Easy installation
- High operating reliability
- High volumetric consistency

Volumetric Feed Gate MZDE

With the volumetric feed gate MZDE, Bühler offers a constant volumetric proportioning system for free-flowing products. It is used for continuous volumetric blending, volumetric addition of products as well as for reaching volumetric target quantities and throughputs. Precise gap adjustment for volumetric consistency and excellent reproducibility.
  • The volumetric feed gate MZDE allows for slide gap adjustment down to the percentage point. This ensures high volumetric consistency and excellent reproducibility of the selected slide positions. 
  • In addition, the automatic zero-point correction after each closing operation helps achieving a very high precision level.

Self-optimizing control system for maximum operating reliability.

  • The feed gate is equipped with a self-optimizing control system and integrated monitoring as well as test and alarm functions. They control the pneumatic system, the speed and position of the slide and are able to detect slide jamming.

Easy and versatile installation possibilities at a very low overall installation height.

  • The volumetric feed gate MZDE offers highly flexible integration and installation options: It can be operated via various interfaces and only requires a very low installation height.


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