Vane-type discharger DMBV

Vane-type discharger DMBV – Discharger for fine and coarse dosing.

- Continuous proportioning
- Reliable performance
- Flexible application

Vane-type discharger DMBV

For the pneumatic discharge of bulk materials the Bühler vane-type discharger DMBV provides the optimal solution. Various bulk materials can be proportioned and discharged with high accuracy. The vane-type discharger DMBV has been especially developed for the discharge of bulk materials from bins and hoppers. Its smart design allows it to be used for handling a wide range of products – from simple materials to complex materials tending to bridge. Continuous proportioning through an angle sensor
In order to satisfy the most stringent customer needs, the efficiency, reliability, and economy of this newest-generation Bühler vane-type discharger has been further improved. The proportioning rate can be controlled infinitely (continuously) with high accuracy through an angle sensor, allowing discharge in the fine as well as coarse dosing modes.

Reliable performance by appropriate add-on combinations
Outlet problems when handling hard-to-discharge bulk materials are eliminated by appropriate add-on combinations on the vanes. For free-flowing materials, an optional cover with a sweep prevents uncontrolled material flow. An agitator can be incorporated to break up bridges formed by hygroscopic materials (e.g. powdered milk).

Flexible application with up to three outlet points
The vane-type discharger can be used as an isolated component or as part of a complete solution, for example in connection with:

  • material feed to scales.
  • filling of Big-Bags. 
  • material feed to surge (buffer) hoppers ahead of various processes. 


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