Universal Laboratory Sifter MLUA

Universal Laboratory Sifter MLUA Standard sieve sets for grain milling applications.

- Quick and easy determination of particle size distribution
- Selection of any required sieve and bottom frame configuration
- Secure sieve clamping with easy-to-use clamping device

Universal Laboratory Sifter MLUA for Milling Applications

The laboratory sifter MLUA is used for determining the particle size distribution of intermediate and end products in the grain milling and brewery industries. The laboratory sifter supplies reliable and reproducible analysis results and is indispensable for fine-tuning the process and assuring end product quality. Wide range of applications
The laboratory sifter is based on a modular design. The sieve and bottom frame configuration can be selected as required, allowing a variable sieve combination. The easy-to-use clamping device enables quick and easy sieve changes. This makes the laboratory sifter extremely flexible, allowing it to be used for different applications.

Standard sieve sets for grain milling applications
Three standard sieve sets are available for grain milling applications: for flour and break stocks, semolina, or corn (maize) grits.

Easy to operate
The speed and sifting time can be varied. The sifting time can be selected between 1 and 15 minutes, the speed at 160, 260, and 300 rpm.


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