UltraWhite™ Rice Whitening Machine DRWA

UltraWhite™ Rice Whitening Machine DRWA – The new art of whitening.

- High capacity
- Energy efficient operation
- Top sanitation standard
- Low maintenance
- Innovative patented technology

UltraWhite™ Rice Whitening Machine DRWA

The new art of whitening.

Bühler’s UltraWhite™ rice polishing machine is a technological triumph, with patented features specifically designed for rice processors and millers, who demand the highest of product quality. The UltraWhite™ delivers a high processing capacity with low processing costs, in a smaller footprint.  

Designed with flexibility in mind, the UltraWhite™ is capable of processing a wide range of rice varieties and can be adjusted for varying capacities. Its central feature is the shaftless milling chamber, that allows air to pass freely around rice kernels. This results in cooler and cleaner kernels free from bran. It is also equipped with a double aspiration system, to remove the bran efficiently.

High capacity – Improved rice whitening

  • The special arrangement of stones allows uniform distribution of rice kernels inside the milling chamber, enabling uniform and gentle whitening.

Energy efficient design and operation

  • Extremely low processing cost per ton.

Top sanitation standard

  • The special double aspiration system carries away bran with high efficiency, enabling a cleaner output.

Low maintenance

  • Patented stone arrangement makes for the easy removal of grinding stones
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Easy removal of feed screw

Innovative patented technology

  • Shaftless milling chamber
  • Multi-point aspiration

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