Tubular Push Conveyor TUBO

Tubular Push Conveyor TUBO – The plus for your plant.

- Low energy consumption
- Flexible plant design
- Gentle product handling
- Highest sanitation standards
- Maximum safety

Tubular Push Conveyor TUBO

Bühler TUBO is an innovative conveying system which is setting new standards for conveying in breweries and distilleries. Unlike today’s systems, the bulk material is conveyed in a closed pipe without a cord using the TUBIT pusher elements. This significantly reduces energy consumption compared to conventional conveying systems, and the raw material is conveyed much more gently.

With its three-dimensional plant layouts, TUBO allows much greater flexibility for plant design. Furthermore, its sanitation and safety advantages mean that return on investment is sustainably reached very quickly.

Low energy consumption 

TUBO reduces system friction which significantly lowers the energy consumption compared to typical conveying systems. Three-dimensional plant layouts also reduce the investment needed for the building.

Flexible plant design

TUBO has loose pusher elements which make threedimensional conveying possible, reduces the number of transfer points and makes flexible plant design possible while requiring significantly less space.

Highest sanitation standards

TUBO ensures product conveyance with no residues and complete emptying of the piping. At the same time, the TUBIT pusher elements prevent the product from becoming segregated.

Gentle material handling

TUBO’s friction-optimized product conveyance minimizes breakage and increases yield. In spite of its slow transport speed, high volumes can be conveyed.

Maximum safety

TUBO’s closed transport at low speed eliminates the need for additional explosion protection measures which reduces investment costs.


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