Trough screw conveyor NFAT

Trough screw conveyor NFAT – Easy collection and distribution.

- High operating reliability
- Low maintenance cost and long life cycle
- Top sanitation standards

Trough screw conveyor NFAT

The trough screw conveyor is ideal for use as a collecting or distributing conveyor. A typical application is the flour collector in a grain mill. Bühler also offers a version with paddle screw which delivers excellent results in mixing or dampening, e.g. of wheat. Floury as well as fine-grained and coarse-grained products such as grain, flours, compound feed and oilseeds can be handled in horizontal or upward inclined direction.

High operating reliability

  • Speed detector, overflow gate, or material level probe ensure optimal monitoring of performance.

Low maintenance cost and long life cycle

  • The rugged construction without wear parts increases the life cycle of the machine, which in turn reduces the maintenance costs.

Top sanitation standards

  • The trough screw conveyor is equipped with a removable cover and as an option with bottom gates. Both elements ensure easy access to the trough and to the screw, allowing optimal cleaning.

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