Trough chain conveyor MNKA Sanitation Line

Trough chain conveyor MNKA Sanitation Line – Meets the highest sanitation standards.

- Excellent sanitation
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance

Trough chain conveyor MNKA Sanitation Line

The increasing sanitation requirements in processing plants such as grain mills and animal feed mills are fully satisfied by the trough chain conveyor MNKA Sanitation Line. Bühler has equipped this special chain conveyor with a self-cleaning reversing station and an automatic chain tensioning system, which ensure maximum operational reliability and plant availability. Up to 200 tons of grain, flours, animal feed and other bulk materials can be conveyed over distances of up to 60 meters. Excellent sanitation
  • Deflector plates on the driving and reversing stations prevent product deposits. Closed outlet flaps together with the trough bottom provide an absolutely even surface, thus ensuring the distribution of the product without carry-over.

High operational reliability

  • The zero-speed sensor integrated in the deviating shaft detects any standstill of the chain and stops the conveyor immediately. A sensor-controlled automatic chain tensioning system ensures an exact and controlled chain tension. The material high level sensor in the driving station guarantees high plant availability.

Easy maintenance

  • Owing to the use of screw fastenings in the chain sprocket and the chain flights, the components in the conveyor can be exchanged at any time.

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