Throw Sieve DFTA

Throw Sieve DFTA – for top quality feed and oil products.

- High quality sifting
- Outstanding efficiency

Throw Sieve DFTA

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler throw sieve DFTA is used primarily as a feed screener and feed separator in the feed and oil manufacturing industries. Its unique sieve design provides optimal sifting performance, ensuring correct particle size and low levels of fines. High quality sifting ensures top end products.
  • The two or three sieve units of the throw sieve DFTA efficiently separate pellets and crumbles from fines. The result is a dependable, top quality end product. 
  • The versatile machine can also be applied for final resifting of the finished product, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Superior efficiency through intelligent machine design.

  • The inclined alignment of the sieving units ensures high sieving capacity and separation efficiency, preventing jamming of particles in the sieves. 
  • The throw sieve DFTA reduces wear on the sieves of the hammer mill by separating the fines prior to the milling section. 
  • Available with twin flow execution, making high capacities attainable.


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